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Aviation Community Blog Actress and model Mehreen Raheel enjoys breathtaking flight

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Jun 21

Actress and model Mehreen Raheel enjoys breathtaking flight

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ABU DHABI, UAE – Pakistani model and actress Mehreen Raheel added some glamour to the proceedings at the Red Bull Air Race Airport during training as she took to the skies with media pilot Sergio Pla. The high G flight was a great introduction to the sport for the 30-year-old TV host.

“It was breathtaking, exhilarating and fantastic – all three things at the same time!” exclaimed the petite actress once her feet were back on the ground. “I’ve never flown before with a pilot like this in a small aeroplane. Sergio was really good as when he was going to do something with the plane and pull some G he would ask me if it was OK first so I wouldn’t blackout.”

The sophisticated star had done plenty of homework before the rollercoaster experience from the Race Airport at Port Zayed. “I hadn’t seen the Red Bull Air Race so before I came here I looked at the videos on the website and mentally prepared myself for what was about to happen,” said an enthusiastic Raheel, who has worked on advertising campaigns for brands such as Pantene and Lipton. “I didn’t have anything to eat beforehand, just a bit of an apple and lots of water to hydrate myself – but no caffeine as it makes your heart go faster. I read up on things.”

After her aerial adventure, Raheel admitted that what appears to look easy from the ground is in fact much harder than she imagined. “Hats off to the pilots – there’s clearly a lot of training that goes into what they do and many years of experience. I was only up there for a few minutes so it really made me realise that although it looks easy, it is very hard work. You can look at them flying and think ‘wow’ but to actually be the person in the plane flying, that requires a lot of energy,” she said.

As a special party trick, pilot Pla flew in a heart shape leaving the distinctive smoke trail in the sky for Raheel. “I could see the trail of smoke and it was great,” added the model, who says she could get used to this type of flying activity. “It is definitely something I would consider doing again and is very addictive. I would call myself an adrenalin junkie and it was very exciting,” she grinned.

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