Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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"...Ever dreamt of obtaining your pilots licence and making it a  life long dream come true combined with the experience of a lifetime. Well this is possible and can be done in the heart of Africa. South Africa is on the most Southern end of Africa and offers a wide variety of cultures and scenes which is unique and also climates of a broad spectrum.

The pilot training is spectacular in Africa. The benefit of doing your licence in South Africa is that it is financially much cheaper. The training is of a high quality and standard and a unique training program is followed to produce a student that is professional and safe in his profession as a pilot. Your first flight you will introduced to the pre-flight of the aeroplane. Your first air experience is a familiarization with the GFA (general flying area) and also the sensations of flying and being in-control of the aeroplane.

From there you will be in the capable hands of the instructor to lead you up the first solo. This is the most memorable experience of any persons flying career. The sweet pleasure of being in-control of the aeroplane and having a sweet touchdown will have the adrenalin rushing and is an unbeatable experience at any level. After a nights celebrations it is back to consolidate on what you have learned. From there you will be getting more comfortable to go solo and the GF will be the next challenge where upper air work will be exercised up to where you will be proficient and ready for the navigation flights. After the navigation flights and preparation for the flight test you will be declared proficient by your instructor to go for the PPL flight test. This will be the most nerve wrecking moment in your life. The instructor will however make you feel at ease and his only aim is to see that you are proficient in your execution of procedures and that you are comfortable in flying the aeroplane. After the arrival from your test and on successfully passing it you will be the proud owner of a PPL licence and you are now ready to go out in to the wide world and fly. This however is a licence to learn and there is still allot to learn from own experiences to come.

After the month of training in South Africa you will be issued with a PPL certificate as proof of the life long achievement that you have dreamt for so long. This will cherish fond memories and will make you long for further experiences in Africa.

Thomas Fabian
African Flight Academy

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