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19.03.2010 - 21.03.2010 
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Choose the right approach for your ATPL/IATRA exam preparation requirements

This three day course is designed to show pilots all the aspects of the ATPL/IATRA license. The curriculum is complete and provides a solid foundation on regulations, advanced aircraft systems, meteorology and Air Carrier procedures. It is not only intended to help students prepare for the ATPL SAMRA and SARON exams, but provide pilots with the knowledge framework air carrier's expect of today's ATPL/IATRA pilot. We regularly canvass the air carriers to ensure our material is on the mark. This course is also recommended as a refresher to pilots wishing to upgrade their skills.

Course content

  • Review of Met theory and practical Met
  • High altitude meteorology, jetstreams, turbulence, thunderstorms, airborne weather radar and wind shear
  • Basic and advanced radio aids including VOR, ADF, DME, INS, IRS/FMS, GPS, EFIS and TCAS
  • CARs, CARs' standards and air carrier operations
  • Advanced aircraft systems including gas turbine engines, flight controls, hydraulics, braking systems, pressurization and electrical systems
  • Basic and high speed aerodynamics,
  • Advanced navigation including PNR and CP
  • Weight and balance, practical exercises and air carrier procedures
  • Aircraft performance during take-off, cruise and landings and associated charts and tables

Course details

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday 0900 to 1730
  • Cost $460
  • ATPL Workbook is available for purchase, $56.67 plus GST and shipping, when registering for an ATPL Seminar ($65.95 retail value)
  • ATPL notebook (available only when taking the courses)


Recommended reference material 

AeroCourse does have certain additional recommended reference materials available for purchase. See Books for more information or call our toll-free line to enquire on prices.


  • Air Command Weather Manual
  • Advanced Aircraft Systems
  • AIM 
  • From the Ground Up
  • Fly the Wing
  • Turbine Pilot's Flight Manual


AeroCourse guarantee 

We hope everyone feels prepared and passes their exam after course completion. However, if a student takes the exam within three months of taking the course and does not pass, AeroCourse will allow a course to be re-taken for no additional charge within one year of the original course date. If within the first three months after the original course a student feels they are not ready to write the exams, they can retake the course for a nominal fee.  After three months, the re-take fee for the course is half price from the current course fee for a period of five years from the original course date. Any time a new workbook is required there will be charge for the workbook.

Course cancellation

All courses are subject to cancellation. AeroCourse cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by persons attending a course. In the event a seminar is cancelled, all course fees will be refunded or transferred to other course dates.


Tax receipts and course certificates are sent out after the course is complete - usually within a couple of weeks. Please notify our office of any address changes.


We do our best to find facilities that have free parking, however some facilities have paid parking only. You may want to check with the facility personnel to determine parking fees.

If you have any further questions, or to order any of the recommended reference books listed above please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope the course is productive and wish you every success in your upcoming exams and your future.

ATPL workbook update

DASH 8 performance chart

In the 4th edition of the ATPL workbook, the DASH 8 ATOG chart that affects computing the answers to questions 30 and 31 was inadvertently inserted as an older version. The new version of that chart is available here on the Web site.

To set the record straight, this is an actual Dash 8 take off performance chart. It was compiled by using the seven performance charts from the Dash 8 100 performance manual and obstacles/topography for Castlegar, B.C. This table has been used in line operations by Canadian Regional Airlines for many years and it is the type of operational chart that is or has been used by virtually every airline in the world for all transport category aircraft.

To understand how to work thru this chart or one’s similar to it, you have to have a good understanding of take off performance including the runway environment and the climb segments. We teach how to work thru the questions after an hour and half presentation on the material. Questions 28 and 29 are simple and straightforward but questions 30 and 31 are quite difficult and require a good working knowledge of large aircraft performance. As a hint for Q30, you have to look at both runway and airborne factors of the chart. For Q31, you have to look at the wind and altimeter corrections.

To register for an ATPL/IATRA course, either register online by selecting the dates you are interested in on the right hand side bar or call our toll-free line (in Canada and U.S. 1-800-461-8857). The cost of the ATPL/IATRA course is $460. When you register for the course there is also a set of notes provided. The notes are express posted to you for $10.00 plus GST. You are also required to have an up-to-date ATPL workbook which can be purchased at the time of registration. The ATPL workbook is available, when you register for a course, at a discounted rate of $56.67 (suggested retail is $65.95) plus GST and shipping. There are also recommended reference materials for the course, especially an up-to-date AIM manual, which can also be purchased at the same time. All materials ordered will be express posted to you once you are registered (please allow a week for delivery of books and notes).

If, for some unforeseen reason, you are unable to attend the course, your deposit is transferable to another date provided notification is received 48 hours in advance of course commencement. A non-refundable $150 deposit will be retained and held on file for one year from original registration while you select a new course date. Method of payment includes VISA, Mastercard, or cheque. If you do not cancel your registration or reschedule, you are responsible for the full payment of the course.


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