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Aircraft Other: AW 139
Street: n/a
Postcode: 21018
City: Sesto Calende
Province / State: n/a
Country: Italy
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Info About your Business: The Training Academy is named after the Italian engineer Alessandro Marchetti, who led the design of the Savoia-Marchetti aircraft, including the famous S.M.79 Sparviero. The Academy was officially opened in July 2006 and is located on the site of the former flying boat factory Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia (SIAI) founded in 1915.

The Training Academy boasts a new and very busy training school with 18 dedicated classrooms and a maintenance training hangar with two full systems trainers, linked with multi-screen Computer Based Training and emulations. Two Full Flight Simulators for the AW109 and AW139 were commissioned against demanding civil JAR-STD-1H Level D standards in June 2006. These devices are of a roll-on-roll-off (RORO) configuration where different cockpits types roll on and roll off a common motion base and visual system.  Later in 2008 a new cockpit for the AW109 LUH will join the system at Sesto Calende and a new full flight simulator for the AW139 will be commissioned in the USA. The simulation is provided by the Rotorsim partnership between AgustaWestland and CAE. The Simulators are certified to the following standards:

AW109 Power Simulator
JAA Certification (through the Italian Civil Authority - ENAC) JAR-STD-1H Level D - June 2006
FAA Qualification - Level D (as per AC120-63) - Feb 2007

AW139 Simulator
JAA Certification (through the Italian Civil Authority - ENAC) JAR-STD-1H Level D - December 2006
FAA Qualification - Level D (as per AC120-63) - Feb 2007

The AgustaWestland ‘A. Marchetti’ Training Academy became an official FAA Part 142 Training Centre in July 2007, making it only the fifth such recognised facility and AgustaWestland the first OEM with this designation. It is also approved to JAR FCL2 and EASA Part 147 certification.

In its initial year of operation in 2007 the “A. Marchetti” Training Academy trained 3,000 students from 40 countries. In 2008, the planned throughput for the Academy is circa 4000 students from 50 countries.

The new Academy currently has 13.000 m2 of training facilities and will bring on line a furher 20,000 m2 of classroom and trainer halls in 2008 from the buildings available on this impressive site - which in total occupies 50,000 m2 providing further growth potential. This will create an even more spacious and high quality learning environment for our students.

The facility sits at the forefront of innovation within AgustaWestland housing design, development, and production facilities for the integrated training solution, training devices, multimedia material, logistic support, flight and mission planning systems.

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