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Alteon Training LLC

Services Provided:
  • Simulator

  • AIRBUS 318/319/320/321
  • AIRBUS 330
  • AIRBUS 340 2/3/5/600
  • B737 - 100/200
  • B737 - 300/400/500
  • B737 - 600/700/800/900
  • B747-400
  • B757-ER
  • B767
  • B777
  • EMBRAER ERJ170/175/190
  • FOKKER 100
  • MD11

Aircraft Other: 717-200, 787-3, 787-8, 787-9, MD-82
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In 1997, anticipating the need in the industry for reliable high-quality third party training, The Boeing Company and FlightSafety International (FSI) formed a joint venture called FlightSafety Boeing Training International, or FlightSafetyBoeing (FSB). The company quickly became the world's first truly global training company, offering flight and maintenance training in the 100+ seat aircraft category.

In September 2002, Boeing acquired FSI's interests in FlightSafetyBoeing and renamed the international company Alteon. Alteon now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company within Boeing Commercial Airplanes' Commercial Aviation Services (CAS).

International Training Centers
Alteon actively explores opportunities to increase its global network of training centers by:
· building new training centers
· placing simulators in airline training centers
· managing airline training centers
· partnering with airlines for third party simulator training
· providing outsource support for airline training needs

Total Solutions
To support the world's airlines, Alteon works globally with regulatory authorities to shape the training that establishes industry standards. Airlines rely on Alteon for a wide variety of total training solutions. Many of these solutions step beyond the normal bounds of traditional center-based training to include delivering maintenance training to any facility.  Further, web-based distance learning makes Alteon training available anywhere, any time, reducing travel costs and time away from primary duties.  Regardless of fleet mix - Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas or Fokker - airlines turn to Alteon for training solutions.

The Future
Alteon has created the first truly global training delivery system for the airline industry. When the first 787s are delivered, airlines will find Alteon 787 training centers in six locations throughout the world. 

Future growth plans will involve creative and cooperative relationships with airlines to share and leverage resources to bring the Alteon international standard of training to new aviation training centers in more countries.

Our mission is to continually enhance the efficiency and safety of the aviation system while supporting the economic goals of our customer airlines. 

Simulators on every continent – except Antarctica
Alteon has built a global network of training centers to support airline training needs. With full flight simulators for more than 20 models of commercial aircraft, airlines look to Alteon for all their simulator training needs. Regularly updated, Alteon simulators replicate the aircraft and host scores of specific airport models. Many simulators are configurable to the customers pin selectable options and allow customer navigation databases to be loaded. Alteon is also introducing flat panel trainers at many training centers to support an integrated training approach.

Why are flat panel trainers good for training?
A full flight simulator is designed to present a realistic environment to the pilot so he or she can learn to manage the aircraft in its entirety. A flat panel trainer is particularly effective for training a single, often procedural or technical issue. When attempting that singular focus in a full flight simulator, trainers are asking the pilot to depart from what he or she knows is their primary task -- safe overall operation.

Lower level flight training devices are clearly not the aircraft. The lack of realistic flight controls and full screen visuals allows both student and instructor to focus on isolated issues. In addition, since the best of these devices also have the capability to display synoptic system operation, the impact and retention of data is greatly increased.

Alteon is committed to increase training quality and efficiency. With flat panel trainers, we can decrease the amount of time spent in full flight devices and increase the quality of the training.

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0 #1 Guest 2009-08-27 11:33
hello. Would like to inquire simulator for MD 83 in any asian country available. We are a start up airline in Clark and will be using MD 83 for our operations Brest regards cesar

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