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Avian Flight Center, Inc.

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Aircraft Other: Cessna 152, Cessna 172s, Cessna 172RG, Piper Seneca
Street: 8900 State Hwy. 3 SW, Suite 101
Postcode: 98367
City: Port Orchard
Province / State: Washington
Country: USA
Phone: (360) 674-2111 Toll Free: (866) 263-2FLY
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Airport you work out of: Airport: Bremerton National Airport KPWT
Info About your Business: Avian Flight Center is a full service flight school located at Bremerton National Airport. We offer pilot training from your first Discovery Flight through the Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Our staff of professional flight instructors is available 7 days a week. Though each instructor has their own individual teaching style we all teach to a standardized syllabus and each lesson is begun with a ground briefing before the flight and a debriefing afterward. Each student has their own binder with copies of post flight debriefings and a plan for the next lesson. The student knows what to prepare for and if a particular instructor is unavailable on a given day or time, another instructor can quickly evaluate the student's needs and fill in for the primary instructor. This helps to prevent lost flying opportunities for our students.

Our ground school classes are offered in partnership with Olympic College and credits are fully transferable. We are also affiliated with Utah Valley State College for those seeking a four year degree without having to leave the area. Of course, individual ground instruction is available for those needing a more flexible schedule.

For those students seeking a professional flying career, Avian Flight Center is a FAA approved Part 141 Flight School. This highly structured program allows students to progress through their ratings in the most time and cost efficient environment and prepares them for future employment in the aviation industry. Many of our previous students and instructors are now flying for airlines and charter operators.

For those who have always yearned to fly just for recreation or personal business we also offer training under FAA Part 61. Training is still to the same professional standards but in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Avian Flight Center is also a FAA approved LaserGrade testing center so when you're ready to take your FAA written exam you can do it here in a familiar, friendly setting.
Avian Flight Center has a pilot store that has everything you will need for your training and flying adventures. Reference materials, headsets, charts and "just about anything aviation" are available. If we don't have it on our shelves, we will get it for you shortly!

Avian Aeronautics Inc, our nationally acclaimed aircraft airframe and engine facility maintains our rental fleet of 3-Cessna 172s, 1-Cessna 172RG, 1-Cessna 152 and a Piper Seneca to the highest standards of safety.

In addition to our fleet of airplanes, we also have a Precision Flight Controls, Inc. Advanced Flight Training Device. This FAA approved full cockpit trainer can be configured as a multitude of single or multi-engine aircraft. It is used not only for instrument training, but also to simulate realistic emergencies and equipment failures, and for currency/proficiency flights when weather has pilots grounded.

If we can be of any service or answer any questions, please visit our website at: or e-mail us at: , or call toll free at: (866) 263-2FLY
Local: (360)674-2111
Fax: (360)674-2112

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