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Metropolitan State College of Denver Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science

Services Provided:
  • Diploma in Aviation Technology
  • Aviation Management

Aircraft Other: Four Year Aviation Degree including simulator training in Frasca and AST single and multi-engine simulators while the student is free to chose from a number of flight schools in the Denver area.
Street: MSCD Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science, Campus Box 30, P.O. Box 173362
Postcode: 80217-3362
City: Denver
Province / State: Colorado
Country: USA
Phone: 303-556-2983
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Airport you work out of: KAPA, KBJC, KFTG, KFNL
Info About your Business: The Aviation and Aerospace Science Department at Metropolitan State College of Denver is centrally located in downtown Denver. Our department is the fifth largest collegiate aviation program in the country. We offer a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Aviation Technology, Aviation Management, Aerospace Operations, and Aviation Maintenance Management. We also feature Certificate Programs in Aviation Management and Flight Dispatch. Metropolitan State College is the only public institution in Colorado that offers these four year degree and certificate programs. The department does not operate it's own aircraft. This allows you, the student, to shop around for the best flight school based on caliber of instruction, convenience, safety and cost. As those of you who have investigated colleges that operate their own fleet of aircraft know, the overall cost of aircraft rental at these places is high. At MSCD, where the student is free to chose from several competing flight schools in the Denver area, the the overall cost of the degree with it's required FAA certificates and ratings is much lower.
Our World Indoor Airport (WIA)is an integrated flight and air traffic control simulator lab, featuring  21 flight training devices: 10 single engine Frasca 141s, 2 multi-engine Frasca 142s, 3 multi-engine AST Seminoles with visuals, and 2 multi-engine turboprop Frasca 242TPs with visuals as well as 4 Elite desk top models with visuals. Extensive class and lab use of the simulators is allowed with NO HOURLY FEES when enrolled in a simulator course.

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