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Services Provided:
  • Recreation
  • Private
  • Commercial
  • Instructor
  • Night
  • Single Engine IFR
  • VFR Over-The-Top
  • CFI
  • Mountain

  • CESSNA 172
  • PIPER PA28
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Aircraft Other: Evektor Sport Star Plus
Street: 2410 Rickenbacker Way
Postcode: 95602
City: Auburn
Province / State: CA
Country: USA
Phone: 530-823-3495
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Airport you work out of: Auburn, CA KAUN
Info About your Business:

Welcome to Sierra Vista Aviation - Where flying is friendly and fun!

Sierra Vista Aviation (SVA) is the oldest and most experienced flight School and Aircraft Rental Club at the Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN).  SVA is a Certified Cessna Pilot Center.  Here is SVA's new Light Sport aircraft - drop by and take an intro flight today.

Our goal is to meet all your flying needs, including scenic flights, aircraft rental and flight instruction from Sport Pilot, Private, Instrument, and Commercial to CFI.  Yes, we now have a Light Sport aircraft on the line for those that are looking for this rating.

When flying out of the Auburn Municipal Airport, you are up above the valley fog flying in the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills at an airport that is GA friendly.

At SVA, we have gift certificates for all our flight services.  A scenic flight or introductory flight lesson is a great gift for moms, dads, graduates, and friends. Drop by or contact us for details.

Check out all the details on this web site for information on SVA's flight training, ground school, and aircraft rental club.  If you are ready to fly, SVA is ready to fly with you! 

If you can't find what you need on this web site, you can also call us during regular business hours at (530) 823-3495.

The office is open daily 9AM to 5PM.

If you have a passion for aviation and want to fly airplanes where you are the Pilot-In-Command (PIC), then your first step is to earn your pilot rating at Sierra Vista Aviation Flight School (SVA). SVA has a wide range of pilot training programs from Sport Pilot to Certified Flight Instructor that will meet your needs, your financial requirements and your schedule.  On the right, you see a picture of the Sierra Vista Aviation Flight Line - ready to go!

At each level of instruction, SVA’s highly qualified instructors will guide and support you with ground school training that meets your needs. We have a wide range of training materials in stock, or can recommend supplemental materials through a wide range of popular suppliers.

Check out all the sections of the SVA web site to learn more about each of these training programs:

Sport/Recreation Pilot:

For the prospective pilot that wants to get a certificate quicker, these two ratings are an option. At SVA, we believe that the Sport Pilot rating is better than the Recreational Pilot. SVA has added a new Light Sport aircraft to our fleet.  We can train you for the Sport or Recreational Pilot rating with our aircraft  Either way this can be a starting point in your aviation experience.

Introductory Flight Lessons:

Many pilots want the chance to try flying an airplane without a long term commitment. SVA offers many options for Introductory Flight Lessons. We also sell intro flight lessons that you can purchase as a gift for a friend, a parent or any other flying enthusiast. We offer half-hour and one-hour fixed price packages and longer custom packages to meet your needs. Call our office or drop by and discuss the options with one of our instructors.

Private Pilot:

The Private Pilot rating is where most prospective pilots start their aviation careers. With the Private Pilot rating you can experience flying to distance airports, fly more versatile aircraft or helicopters and carry more passengers. Most aviators say that getting their Private Pilot rating is one of the most rewarding experiences in their lives and their ‘ticket’ to learn about aviation.

Instrument Rating:

Most pilots agree that an Instrument Rating is a great way to learn more about aviation, extend your flying privileges and add utility to your flying. Completion of this course allows you to operate an aircraft in ‘the ATC system’ solely by reference to the instruments. Instrument rated pilots are dedicated, disciplined and skilled in flying aircraft precisely.

Instrument Currency Program (ICP): SVA's Instrument Currency Program is designed to provide instrument rated pilots with a cost-effective and convenient method of maintaining FAR 61.57 instrument currency.  For details, check out our Learn to Fly/Frequently Asked Questions section on the web site.  This program can keep you instrument safe/current and save you some money!

Commercial Rating:

Just about everyone who takes up flying dreams about what it would be like to fly some big commercial iron like a Boeing 737, 757 or even the 747. The Commercial Rating is your next step in that process.

Most pilots work on the Commercial Rating after they have completed the Private Pilot and Instrument programs. However, you do not have to have an Instrument Rating to be a Commercial Pilot. All the flying you have done up to this point, counts towards the 250 hours total flight time required to obtain your Commercial Rating. You must be 18 years of age at the time of your Commercial check-ride.

At SVA, we now have a complex aircraft (Piper Arrow) that you can fly to qualify for your 'Single Engine- Commercial Pilot' certificate.   Discuss your needs with one of our instructors, and we can help you work out a program that will get you flying Commercial as soon as possible.

CFI Rating:

Contact SVA for information about this rating.

CFII Rating:

Contact SVA for information about this rating.

Sierra Vista Aviation also is an aircraft rental club.  SVA is located at the Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN), 2410 Rickenbacker Way in Auburn, CA.

SVA operates a diverse fleet of well-maintained and equipped aircraft that can meet all your flying and training needs. We are adding aircraft on a regular basis, so check the web site often to review changes in our fleet.

In order to rent an SVA aircraft, you must be a club member.  In this section of our web page, you can find detailed information about the rental club along with rental rates and even download a membership application and other related documents.

Membership approval requires you submit a complete membership application and, have a check-ride in the aircraft type you plan to rent with an SVA Certified Flight Instructor.  Membership fees are $360 per year, payable in advance with discounts for 6 month pre-payment.    

NOTAM:  SVA recommends all Club Members carry supplemental aircraft rental insurance.

We are committed to making the process as easy as possible, so download the membership documents, fill them out and call us to schedule your check ride.

We want to get you in the air as soon as possible!


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