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A Pilot's Guide to Ground Icing

A course primarily intended for pilots who make their own operational de-icing and anti-icing decisions. This includes private pilots as well as those who fly business, corporate, air taxi, or freight operations in fixed-wing aircraft.

Who should take this course?
Every pilot who could encounter ground icing - whether their aircraft needs to be cleaned or protected from frozen contamination.

What is covered in this course?
The problems caused by ground icing
When you are likely to encounter ground icing
The basics about aircraft de/anti-icing fluids
How to de-ice and anti-ice your aircraft

How long will it take?
That depends on you. This course is designed to let you determine what you need to know given the type of flying that you do. You can spend as litle as 60 minutes going through the highlights, but you can take much longer (2-3 hours) if you explore all related information and interactive features.

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