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Chicken Wings

marshallerAn aviation comic by Michael and Stefan Strasser

Chuck is a bright and colorful character. He is a pilot and proud of it, the nightmare of air traffic controllers and women alike, with an ego even bigger than his giant sunglasses and aviator watch. He works for a small FBO called Roost Air, together with Julio the mechanic and Sally the secretary and dispatcher. Their boss Hans, a former yoghurt factory manager, has inherited the company and no clue about aviation.






stef_chuck_julio_mikeWhen you watch Chuck and the rest of the Roost Air crew struggle and stumble through the daily business of getting their planes airborne, you will notice right away that Mike and Stefan Strasser, the creators of Chicken Wings, not only have a lot of imagination, but are also very good observers. Because like in every good piece of comedy, a lot of the humor of Chicken Wings is rooted in and derived from real life experience. If you are an aviator or work somewhere in this wonderful industry, you will probably think "yeah, I've been there" or "I know a guy who actually did that once" more often than not while reading the antics of the gang at Roost Air.



Isn't that a bit odd, tough? After all, aviation is a very serious business, isn't it? Yes, but there is also much about it that is bizarre or funny. And pilots are well known for their sense of humor and their ability to laugh about themselves as much as they can laugh at life. A gift they probably owe to the fact that they all love their job and that they see the world from a different perspective than most people. Mike and Stefan have ingeniously managed to capture everything that is comical about aviation and turned it into this comic strip.

Chicken Wings


Mike works as a helicopter pilot in the United States, fighting fires all over the country and Stefan lives and works in Vienna, Austria, as an cartoonist and illustrator. The idea to Chicken Wings was born in 2001 and was more or less the natural consequence of these two professions being combined by brotherhood. By now Chicken Wings comic strips and cartoons are published worldwide in 16 magazines, eleven countries and five languages, and they have published two books already and are working hard on number three.



If you want to read more Chicken Wings, the brothers publish a weekly new strip on their website: And you can buy their books at well assorted pilot shops or in their online shop.

Chicken Wings

If you are interested in licensing comic strips or cartoons, using Chicken Wings characters for corporate promotion or want to carry Chicken Wings merchandise in your shop, you can get in touch with Mike or Stefan here:


Chicken Wings Aviation Comics
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Chicken Wings Aviation Comics
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