Sunday, March 29, 2020
How to Submit a Aviation Event

How to Submit a Aviation Event -

How to Submit a Aviation Events

Adding Aviation Events

Login or Register to - Free to do so.

Once you have logged in click on Aviation Events. You will see this image Submit new event - Click on it to add a race.


Enter a title for your Event.


This is where you will be holding the event. The Venue section allows you to enter the location of where the race will be held, the website for the event, and a map (please note, you need to enter a location to produce the map). You can also post an image of the event and a description of the venue.
You don't have to provide a Venue to enter a Event - Your Venue would be your Company and location of the Event.


Select the type of race from our list - if you need a category that we don't have please let us know and we'll be glad to add it.

calendar Notes Enter date from the calendar
calendar Notes You don't need to provide an end date if it's the same as the start date

Notes Enter in the time your event starts - NOT mandatory
  Notes Enter in the time your event ends- NOT mandatory


  Does your Event repeat? If so you choose from this drop-down menu.


ImageNO IMAGE Notes


HTML is not allowed!


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